Cleckheaton Virtual Golf Centre – Refurbished to Better Your Experience…


Avoid the weather, play golf no matter what daylight and improve using our state of the art golfing simulator. Recently refurbished to better your indoor golfing experience. Unlike the driving range, you get instant and clear feedback on all your numbers including face angle, swing path, spin rates, ball flight and distance to name just a few, as well as staying both warm and dry. Perfect for playing a full round in two hours, keeping your competitive edge and you avoid missing out on your golf, our state of the art re-furbished Virtual Golf Centre Simulator is the best around.

Golf any time, any weather, across the world.

Cleckheaton Golf Club’s simulator is a high tech E6 gaming system that provides golf course play and golf training for the entire spectrum of avid golfers, no matter what the weather outside.


With a giant screen, touch screen technology, synthetic grass hitting mat, laser 4K projector and 3D golf course environments that capture the true essence of outdoor golf play, you can enjoy the game of golf virtually any time on over 90 courses from around the world.

The courses can be set up however you want them, pin positions, wind, weather, firmness and so much more. You can create any outside elements and simply play away.


The practice settings are new and better than they have ever been before. More range settings allowing real targets, a shot shaping range, chipping and putting like you have never seen before and you can really dial in any section of your game with the best practice session you will ever have.


If you want to have some fun with your practice, there are now games involved where you can break up the serious practice and have some fun with it. Nearest the pin competitions, longest drive competitions and a ‘Blockbusters’ style game where you try make it across the other side by landing your golf ball on specific squares.


In the previous simulator, putting was a difficult thing to do however now it is completely changed and you can realistically practice your putting. Whether that is your putting stroke, feel or pace control, you can dial in the flat stick in true style. All you do not is move the ball however far the putt is, if you have a one foot putt, move the ball with the putter one foot, there is no need to send the ball over any tracks making this aspect fun and easy to do.


– Work the ball exactly as you do outdoors

– Work out your distances

– Practice from set yardages such as 70, 80 & 90 yards

– Shot shaping practice on the brand new range

– Get instant feedback on every shot

– Hit with your own clubs and favourite ball make

– Compare ball tracers to perfect your ball flight

– Tee off, chip and putt on courses and practice scenarios

– Perfect that one approach shot behind the bunker, over and over

– Superior spin and club head measurement

– Superior speed and trajectory measurement

– Play golf all around the world, set up exactly how you want it

– Have fun with your practice

– Stay warm and dry

and so much more

Have a look at what the Tour guys say:

“The FSG sim is the closest thing to being out on the course.”
Jordan Speith 

“Their new technology is impressive, as it allows me to shape my shots the way I want to.”
Tiger Woods 

“Full Swing golf technology is an absolute game changer for me and my practice routine.”
Padraig Harrington 

“My sim continues to surprise me. I love this machine!”
Bill Haas 

“Full Swing’s cutting edge technology will allow me to have a more consistent practice regimen.”
Patrick Reed 

To book or to enquire further, please do not hesitate to contact:

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