Seniors Open Result – 17th of May 2021

We would firstly like to thank all players that participated in our 2021 Spring Seniors Open Day on Monday the 17th of May.

The prize winners are listed below.

1st Place (£80 Shop Credit each) – Mr McRobbie/Mr Jelic – 47 Points
2nd Place (£70 Shop Credit each) – Mr Brummitt/Mr Keeling – 44 Points
3rd Place (£60 Shop Credit each) – Mr Hallas/Mr A.Hobson – 43 Points
4th Place (£50 Shop Credit each) – Mr Lever/Mr Brown – 43 Points
5th Place (£40 Shop Credit each) – Mr Scott/Mr Heathfield – 43 Points

TWOS (£10 Each):

C.McRobbie, P.Coenen, Richardson, N.Brummitt, J.Hall, T.Redmore, S.Rowntree, K.Weatherill x2, T.Smith, I.Leadbetter, S.Hopkinson, A.Hutchinson, A.Trotter, M.Pratt, P.Nolan, T.Candler, S.Brown, G.Rogers, J.Ainley

Congratulations to Richard Jenkins who had a Hole-in-One on the 2nd

All winnings are allocated to personal accounts in the Club Professionals Shop. Any enquires please call 01274 851267.

Thank you to everyone who took part in what was a weather affected day.
We hope to see you again in August this year and in 2022.