The World Handicap System (WHS) is now in place and is designed to create a level playing field for golfers, especially when visiting other courses.

To begin with, every course across the globe has been assessed for its Course Rating, which identifies how difficult it is for a Scratch Golfer to play. This is shown on the below link, together with the Slope Rating, which identifies how hard the course is for an 18 handicap golfer. The higher the number is above the average of 113, the harder the course is to play, especially for higher handicap golfers.

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To find out how many shots you will receive at Cleckheaton Golf Course for your Handicap Index, please click the link below to see a full list of the White, Yellow and Red Tee Course Handicaps.

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To find out more about how the WHS affects your handicap when you play at Cleckheaton & District Golf Club, please contact our Professional Shop by calling 01274 851266 (option 2). Alternatively, visit the R&A website below.

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